Salinity Checkers

  • Salifert Refracto Check

    Salifert Refracto Check

    Salifert Refract Check Solution 35 0/00 solution for refractometers only.  Directions:Before each use, shake the bottle, remove and salt scale from the nozzle, and discard the first 3 drops.  Cap the bottle tightly after each use otherwise the...

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  • Red Sea Seawater Refractometer Red Sea Seawater Refractometer

    Red Sea Seawater Refractometer

    Red Sea’s Seawater Refractometer offers exceptional accuracy, for measuring the absolute salinity of seawater at a temperature of 25oC/77 0F. Most refractometers used within the aquarium hobby are not specifically designed for reef aquariums and...

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  • Hanna HI98319 Waterproof Salinity Tester

    Hanna HI98319 Waterproof Salinity Tester

    Designed to bring simplicity to salinity testing during the any process, the HI98319 Marine Salinity Tester measures conductivity (EC) to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater. Within seconds, the salinity and temperature are...

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  • Hanna Digital Seawater Refractometer

    Hanna Digital Seawater Refractometer

    The HI96822 is a rugged, portable digital refractometer designed for the measurement of salinity of natural or artificial seawater. The HI96822 displays results in three popular measurement units: Practical Salinity Units (PSU), salinity in parts per...

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